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Enoteca Ferrara
Piazza Trilussa 41 , 00153 Rome

In Trastvere  Enoteca Ferrara opened its doors in 1988 in a prestigious building from 1400 which features grand arches a beautiful wooden ceiling, and a wine cellar which is visible from the restaurant through an ancient forged grating.


From the opening Enoteca Ferrara distinguished itself through the cuisine and the large and selected wine list which are the result of passion, research and intuition of the two sisters who own Enoteca Ferrara, Maria as architect, Chef and researcher of traditional Italian recipes and Lina as Sommelier who managed to create a wine list which has few competitors in Italy.


The layout of the restaurant is quite unique; 6 different dining rooms divided between 4 levels, a small dehors and a wine and delicatessen shop which opens to the street.


The entrance of the restaurant is at the “Mescita” or wine bar where you can sample wine by the glass and appraise the always fresh and rich buffet of snacks before going to dinner or to chat and relax after dinner.

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"Should I? Shouldn't I?"

food: 9 service: 8 ambience: 10
Hello, I was recommended this restaurant by a work colleague who recently visited on a work trip, however, after reading the harsh and bitter comment that Enoteca Ferrara had written back to a poor review left by a CUSTOMER. I no longer want to visit this place. I think you should be less defensive and take the criticism as harsh, yet educational. I am disgusted in the way you respond to criticism. You should be ashamed and do not deserve to be so highly recommended. I will be dining elsewhere.

"Location ok, cibo un pò meno"

food: 7 service: 8 ambience: 8
L'atmosfera di questo locale è davvero calda e romantica. Servizio ottimo con personale molto gentile, menù molto vario ma avrei preferito meno piatti con maggiore qualità della materia prima. Carta dei vini eccellente con una vastissima scelta.
food: 10 service: 10 ambience: 10
One of the best meals we had while in Italy. Food, wine, and service were outstanding! A perfect way to spend our last night in Rome.
food: 9 service: 9 ambience: 9
All our staff still remember, laughing, that unforgettable, ridiculous, rude and horrific people that took half hour to choose the table to dine to, and when seated they asked for a “house wine”: We think they probably were born dissatisfied. We just can imagine which kind of honky-tonk locals they hang out at to bother their offensive behavior, not to mention the fact that thousands of our guests are stupid and this gentleman and his friends are clever. We are sure moreover that when they look themselves in the mirror they usually find reflection of bile acid and poison, the same as snakes. We apologize if we did not realize that The Queen of England came, because we are, totally and definitely, talking about boring, false and snotty people. Best Regards, Enoteca Ferrara
food: 5 service: 3 ambience: 6
A terrific example of a tourist rip-off. Perhaps locals get a different treatment. We were seated in a noisy, narrow space. Our waiter was nice but clueless, and onlt present when hailed with waving arms. Huge wine books were presented, but we couldn't order wine until the wine lady came by, which took @30 minutes. The food was terrific, but main course offering were like antipasti, four or five bites at most. After two weeks of wonderful food in Rome, this was the WORST experience by far.
food: 8 service: 7 ambience: 8