Paris in Trastevere in Roma

About Rest Paris in Trastevere

Paris in Trastevere
Piazza San Calisto 7a , 00153 Roma

Il ristorante Paris è situato nel cuore del caratteristico quartiere di Roma, Trastevere, a due passi dalla piazza principale, in un palazzo del 1600. Le tre sale sono arredate in stile classico con soffitti in legno. L'ambiente è informale.

Il menù offre una cucina tradizionale ed una buona scelta di piatti a base di pesce, anche se le specialità sono quelle della cucina tipica Romana. La lista dei vini contiene circa 300 etichette selezionate e la cantina dei vini si può anche visitare.

Con la stagione calda è possibile mangiare all'aperto e godersi l'atmosfera di questo antico e caratteristico quartiere Romano.


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Cucina: 10 Servizio: 10 Ambiente: 10
We have a nice evening in restaurent Paris in Trastevere, we enjoyed with excellent service and cusine in top 10, thank for a nice visit
Cucina: 7 Servizio: 7 Ambiente: 7
Great Food and very pleasant service. A restaurant I would recommend.
Cucina: 10 Servizio: 10 Ambiente: 10
enjoyed the meal very much as well as the location and service - old fashioned fine restaurant with wonderful menu
Cucina: 8 Servizio: 9 Ambiente: 8
Have been to this restaurant several times over the years and it doesn't change - very pleasant and relaxing atmosphere with very good food and very attentive and engaging waitors. Will definitely go again when in Rome.
Cucina: 8 Servizio: 10 Ambiente: 9
We really enjoyed our lunch at Paris. We did not feel rushed at all, although we went well past 3pm. Our waiter was very professional, and performed an elaborate excercise to uncork and test our wine before serving it. We chose the meat tasting menu (there was also a fish menu), which was a good opportunity to try several things. We enjoyed most of the courses, although the main course of lamb chops and veal meatball was not our favorite. We had a nice table reserved for us on the front terrace, so we could enjoy the weather and people-watch. One of our best meals in Rome.
Cucina: 6 Servizio: 7 Ambiente: 8
Went with my daughter and invited our personal tour guide for a drink. We were early but were seated. John's beer was huge and as he was drinking it, we were approached twice to order. He explained he was just there for a drink.. first time, no problem. The second time, he was told by the head waiter (?) that we had to order soon. It was early and there were lots of empty tables so that was just bad service. He left shortly thereafter and we ordered. Our waiter was good. The ravioli with sage and butter was great my tuna was overcooked and very salty. Asparagus was old and soggy. Wine list is very good. Don't think I would go back.